Customized Solutions and Technology

AIA - An Industry Leading Partner that Solves Your Load Securement Problems

  • Customized analysis and recommendations based on your specific products and needs.
  • Load-securement and damage prevention specialists with years of experience in rail, truck, and intermodal shipping.
  • Available to visit your facilities and provide recommendations for performance and cost improvements:
    • Safety
    • Efficiency and Cost Containment
    • Product Protection
    • Load Assessment and Load Patterns
    • Origin/Destination Reports
    • Impact Recording
    • Dockside Auditing
    • Train the Trainer Workshops
  • AIA will manage testing and approval of new products and shipping methodology:
    • AAR analysis/compliance
    • FMCSA/DOT and CCMTA analysis/compliance
    • IMO analysis/compliance
  • Testing facilities: AIA and the Signode Industrial Group operate state of the art testing facilities to assure you are utilizing the best load-securement solutions.
  • On-site training and education, with extensive industry knowledge.
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