Foldable Friction Mat For Improved Doorway Protection

Perforated Transmat® 6900 Rubber Friction Matting


A major US mill was having issues with roll movement when shipping 58” rolls of kraft paper on railcars. To secure doorways and guarantee safety, the mill was spending additional time and money on strapping doorways and had to add several rows of dunnage. This approach improved safety, but took excessive time and did little to solve the high amount of material damage that occurred as rolls continued to rub against each other during transit.


In response to the mill’s problem, Allegheny developed a patented perforated-edge TransMat® rubber friction mat that presented a double-thickness edge at the doorway. The perforated mat provided a lip that virtually eliminated lateral movement of the paper rolls near the doorway thereby keeping the entire load of rolls packed tight. It can be applied in seconds without the use of a knife or tape, reduces the amount of time and material needed to secure the railcar doorway, and eliminates several pieces of costly dunnage. This method is approved for both 50’ and 60’ cushioned CUF and rigid RUF underframe railcars with 10’, 12’ and 16’ doorways.


  • Eliminate multiple labor steps and reduce doorway securement time by up to 50%
  • Reduce transit damage by an average of 15-20% per load
  • Eliminate additional dunnage material
  • Increase safety of loading and unloading

For further details, refer to the following AAR GIS standards: 739, 741, 742, 747 and 748