Strapping And Buckles

GatorSTRAP® is non-metallic, heavy-duty woven polyester cord strap for use in load securement. Strong as steel.

  • Designed for use in rail, intermodal and OTR trucking applications for closed and open top applications.
  • Exceeds the required break strength and joint efficiency standards set by the AAR.
  • Strong as steel but weighs 75% less.
  • Extra-strong Woven Polyester construction is naturally shock absorbing, but will not break, split or crack.
  • Soft edges are safe to handle and minimize cargo damage.
  • Fast application with one tool.
  • Applies uniform tension around the load.
  • All weather construction.
  • Safe and easy to remove and dispose.
  • Can be re-tensioned.
  • AAR approvals – AAR OTLRM Table 19.2.
  • Made in the USA.