Strapping And Buckles

Avistrap® is non-metallic polyester, high strength strapping used in a multitude of light to heavy duty load securement and bundling applications.

  • Regular duty non-woven and woven polyester – For securing and bundling lightweight products.
  • Heavy duty woven polyester – For securing and bundling heavy products such as lumber and metals. Used when high break strength and abrasion resistance are critical.
  • Excellent elongation and recovery characteristics to stay tight and absorb shock impact.
  • Safer to handle than steel strapping with soft edges for less damage impact to packaging and equipment.
  • Applies uniform tension around the load.
  • Fast application with one tool.
  • All weather construction.
  • Can be re-tensioned .
  • Made in the USA.
  • Baling Application – Avistrap® is a safe and economical alternative to wire and steel for bundling commodities.
    • Suitable for use with recyclables, scrap, and commodities such as corrugated, paper, plastics, textiles, and fibers.
    • Can be easily used with most types of baling equipment.
    • Safer than steel wire.
    • Can be used with or without buckle