Dri-Board™ is a riser lift-strip for floor protection of non-palletized product during shipment. It is designed to be placed between the container floor and the base of the product, or between layers of material to prevent damage.

  • Commonly used with roll paper, metals, crates, drums, tile, glass, ceramic, stone, racks and sheeted construction products including drywall and lumber.
  • Available Dimension of Dri-Board™
    • Thickness – 3/8 inch (0.375”) / 9.525mm
    • Width – 3.0 inches
    • Length – Available in 48, 96 and 120 inch strips
    • Number of Boards per skid – 1,050
  • Reduces moisture damage by supporting product off the floor.
  • Dri-Board™ is a plastic/fiber construction and is water proof.
  • Reduces floor, surface and material-to-material abrasion.
  • Functions as a cushion, shock absorber and edge protector.
  • Easy to Install and Remove – Placed directly on the container floor with no adhesives or nails.
  • Cost effective and reusable.
  • Excellent compression strength; will not deteriorate under heavy weight.
  • Eliminates sharp edges of wood strips, thereby minimizing edge damage.
  • Can be cut/snapped to needed lengths.
  • Constructed from recycled materials