Allegheny has saved the railroad industry hundreds of millions of dollars in labor efficiency, reduced damage to product and railcars, improved safety and lowered insurance claims.

  • TransMat® Friction Mats - Allegheny and Ecore jointly were the first to create Rubber Friction Mats for load securement in the rail industry. The goal was a safer, more effective and economical replacement for wood blocking and  bracing.
  • Strapping and Buckles – For load securement and doorway protection.
  • For use in closed, open-top, center-beam and intermodal rail cars.
  • Commonly used with paper, steel, metals, pipe, glass, ceramics, machinery and equipment, drums and any other products susceptible to load shift during transit.
  • Allegheny has the most extensive list of AAR approvals in the industry.

rails in use