AIA is the market leaders in Friction Mats and Strapping for the paper industry. Working with Ecore, we designed TransMat® to help improve load securement in the transport of paper products.

  • Improved safety
  • Damage reduction
  • Cost efficiency

Allegheny and Ecore jointly invented Rubber Friction Mats for load securement in the rail industry. The goal was a safer, more effective and economical replacement for wood and nail blocking and bracing.

Allegheny has the most extensive list of AAR approvals in the industry.

  • TransMat®GatorSTRAP® and MakoSTRAP® are all recognized by the FMCSA, CCMTA, MOT and CVSA. For further details, call Allegheny Industrial Associates.
  • FMCSA – 393.122 “What are the Rules for Securing Paper Rolls”.
  • CCMTA – “The North American Cargo Securement Standard. 3.4 Paper Rolls”.

bands for rolled paper