When it comes to shipping heavy metal commodities, Allegheny is the best and most knowledgeable resource to help keep your load secure. We can help reduce damage and lower costs in both closed and open-top shipping for rail and trucking.

  • Improved safety
  • Damage reduction
  • Cost efficiency
  • TransMat® Rubber Friction Mats - Working with Ecore, we designed TransMat to help improve load securement of heavy goods.
  • Non-metallic heavy-duty Strapping, Buckles and Tools
  • Suitable for use with coils, ingots, pipe/tube, bar, sheet and structural components.
  • TransMat® ,GatorSTRAP® and MakoSTRAP® are all recognized by the FMCSA, CCMTA, MOT and CVSA. For further details, call Allegheny Industrial Associates.
    • FMCSA – 393.120 “What are the Rules for Securing Metal Coils”.
    • CCMTA – “The North American Cargo Securement Standard. 3.3 Metal Coils”.

secured metal loads