Intermodal and OTR Trucking

Intermodal and Over the Road Trucking – Every day, thousands of trailers and containers are safely and economically loaded and shipped using Allegheny’s TransMat® friction mat and strapping products.

  • TransMat® Friction Mats - Allegheny and Ecore jointly were the first to create Rubber Friction Mats to reduce load damage, improve safety.
  • Strapping and Buckles – For product unitization and load securement.
  • Eliminates the need for wood and nail bracing.
  • For use in containers, closed and open-top trailers.
  • Commonly used with paper, steel, metals, glass, ceramics, machinery and equipment, drums and other products prone to movement during transit.
  • TransMat® GatorSTRAP® and MakoStrap® are all recognized by the FMCSA, CCMTA, MOT and CVSA. For further details, call Allegheny Industrial Associates.

intermodal and otr trucking