The leader in freight damage prevention and load securement.

Allegheny Industrial Associates can safely and cost effectively keep your loads secure regardless of the product you are shipping. We can solve your needs with a complete line of TransMat® rubber protection mats, Gator brand woven and composite PET cord strap, and G-Force® dunnage products as well as provide analysis and recommendations on how to improve damage prevention during Railcar, Intermodal and Truck transit


TransMat® is a Bonded Rubber Friction Mat designed to reduce load movement and cushion heavy materials during shipment.

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GatorSTRAP® is a non-metallic, heavy-duty woven polyester cord strap for use in load securement. Strong as steel.

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GatorLASH® – Super duty woven polyester lashing for use in load securement. A cost effective alternative to chains, ratchet straps and steel banding.

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Dri-Board ™ is a riser lift-strip for floor protection and cushioning of non-palletized product during shipment. It is designed to be placed between the container floor and the base of the product, or between layers of material to prevent damage.

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Shippers Products - A global manufacturer and supplier of dunnage airbags to the shipping industry.

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With G-Force, great products are just the beginning. Down River has the infrastructure and support to give you the best load-securement solutions for your shipments.

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G-Force® Corrugated



Regarding: AAR changes to Rule 7. Doorway Protection, Circular No. 42-L, General Rules Covering Loading or Carload Shipments of Commodities in Closed Cars (DP&FC)

Effective immediately June 1, 2017, The Damage Prevention and Freight Claim Committee of the Association of American Railroads (AAR) has implemented a ban on wood and lumber used to secure railcar doorways . This ruling is referenced in the AAR’s Circular 42-L, Rule 7, Item B which states “Lumber wedged between car door posts is not considered doorway protection”. Reasons attributed to this action include higher rail speeds, a focus on railcar damage reduction, and the need to eliminate variability and risk in material securement.

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